You know that feeling when you take your case off of your phone? Suddenly your phone feels naked and fragile.

That’s your bathroom, shower, or kitchen wall without Waterproof Warrior underneath your tile.

Defend yourself against monster mold: Tile & Grout aren’t waterproof – use Waterproof Warrior before your tile.

Our Waterproof Warrior kits provide everything you need to:

  • Stop water damage to walls and floors
  • Prevent mold & mildew growth
  • Create a strong surface for your tiling masterpiece to adhere to

We Believe

In your right to DIY.

Saturdays are for waterproofing (and Sundays are for tiling).

Big box home improvement stores are designed (& priced) to keep contractors in business.

In reeaally clear directions.

American manufacturing is the best manufacturing.

We don't believe

In home improvement projects that take longer than a weekend.

“The brand plumbers recommend” or “Your contractor’s go-to” doesn’t mean it’s the best product.

That you should have to buy 100000 tools to do a simple job.

Ready to Get started?

Defend your home from Monster Mold! It’s time to waterproof!