Waterproofing Shower Walls For Tiles

Explore one of the most effective products that you can put to use for waterproofing your shower walls for tiles. Waterproof Warrior is proud to offer our waterproofing kits, which contain our carefully-engineered PVC sheet membrane and all the other supplies needed to complete your project.

When you are waterproofing walls for tiling – whether it be in a bathroom or another wet room of the home — it’s important to have a strong solution in place to protect the structural integrity of everything underneath your tile.

What if water slowly seeps through the tile and grout and reaches the area underneath? It can cause damage to anything it touches, in addition to promoting mold, mildew and fungus growth. Few home renovators would disagree that these areas need careful waterproofing, but not everyone agrees on exactly how to go about it.

The case for our waterproofing shower tile kit

The debate has long raged over which is better — sheet waterproof membranes or liquid waterproof membranes. Our extra-large membranes provide you with a variety of benefits, and ultimately a peace of mind that, once your project is finished, the area in and around your shower or bath tub will be effectively protected.

  • For starters, our membranes can be cut to your exact specifications, meaning you can enjoy precision when waterproofing your shower walls for tiles.
  • When you use our membranes for waterproofing walls for tiling, you can expect a 100 percent seal. Visually, you are able to spot if there are any seams or gaps that you can then address. With a liquid membrane, these gaps are tough to spot, and you might not notice them.
  • After you are done installing our waterproof kits, you can move on to tiling your project without having to wait for a liquid membrane to dry.

Not only do our membranes and kits provide strong protection, but they make installation quick, simple and easy.

When you find yourself waterproofing your shower walls for tiles, trust the proven effectiveness of Waterproof Warrior’s membranes and kits.