Waterproofing Membrane For Bathroom

A waterproofing membrane for a bathroom shower, tub or other project is a great way to protect this vulnerable area from moisture. When installing a new shower or tub, it’s vital to take measures that will protect the underlying areas in case water finds its way past the tile or paneling.

Waterproof Warrior makes waterproofing a tile bathroom simple and easy. With our PVC sheet membrane kits, you have everything you will need to fully prepare an area before doing your tiling work.

We offer extra wide membranes that reduce or eliminate the seams in your lining, making for an even more impenetrable barrier standing between your shower or walls and moisture. Our kits are also great for waterproofing bathroom walls because they have been formulated with biocides, meaning that they will reduce or eliminate the growth of mold, mildew and fungus, which often damages other liners.

Waterproofing a bathroom floor and walls is easy thanks to our clear instructions

Our kits provide you with everything you need to effectively implement our waterproofing membrane for a bathroom shower or bathtub. Having the right supplies is half of the battle but knowing how to properly utilize them is the other.

The instructions that we provide give a coherent explanation on how to use our product when waterproofing a tile bathroom or handling the needs of other projects. We avoid any sort of confusing plumbing lingo and jargon in order to cater to the weekend renovator that is taking on a project for him or herself.

Waterproof the areas around your shower or tub quickly, effectively and on a budget

Instead of hiring an expensive contractor to take care of this work or searching around the local home improvement store for hours trying to gather everything you need, trust Waterproof Warrior and our waterproofing membrane for a bathroom shower or tub. We’ll make sure this important work gets done right!