Waterproofing Liner Membrane For Bathtub

Welcome to Waterproof Warrior, where we design, engineer and manufacture an innovative, highly effective waterproofing liner for a bathtub, shower or for underneath a variety of tiled projects.

Waterproof Warrior offers kits that provide you with everything you need to install the needed barrier to hold out moisture from reaching below your shower or behind the backboards of your tiled shower or bath tub.

These kits come with a PVC sheet waterproofing membrane for a bathtub or shower, along with everything needed to easily and effectively install it. Waterproof Warrior produces the widest waterproofing membranes that are made in the United States and provides you with various options on length and thickness.

The protection you need for your bathtub

Waterproofing bathtub walls and other areas is important. Just think about the many potential entry points for water — tile and grout are not impenetrable. Each of these seams represents an opportunity for water and moisture to find its way through to the exposed wood.

When moisture infiltrates, it can cause structural damage to the area, in addition to promoting mold, mildew and fungus growth. Why run that risk when all you need is a simple waterproofing liner for a bathtub?

Waterproof Warrior creates highly effective membranes that are designed, engineered and manufactured in the great state of Pennsylvania. Not only are these membranes easy to install and ultra-effective in keeping out moisture, but they come at a cost-effective price point.

When you shop with Waterproof Warrior for your waterproofing membrane for a bathtub, you are purchasing this important material straight from the manufacturer, instead of a retailers or distributor. That means no price mark-ups.

Effectively waterproof the area in, and around, your tub with Waterproof Warrior

Explore our available waterproofing liner for a bathtub, and the assortment of kits that we offer. The team at Waterproof Warrior is standing by to help you find the exact fit for your needs.