Waterproof Paneling Membrane For Shower Walls

Don’t just make sure your new shower or bath tub looks nice — protect it with the right waterproof paneling for shower walls. Waterproof Warrior offers waterproofing kits that are engineered specifically to be implemented within showers, protecting the underlying areas from intrusive moisture.

Ceramic and stone tiling are considered by many to be the logical material of choice when it comes to showers, bath tubs, steam showers and more. Tiling handles the punishment from the elements while looking great over time.

However, tile doesn’t necessarily hold out all moisture — you need a solid line of defense underneath the tile to stop moisture in its tracks and inhibit the growth of harmful mold, mildew and fungus. With Waterproof Warrior’s waterproof membrane for shower walls, you have a solution that is:

  • Effective in protecting the underlying areas of your shower: From providing you with a 100 percent seal, to limiting mold and mildew growth, our PVC waterproof membrane for tiling is resilient and stands strong.
  • Ease of install: The kits that include our waterproof membrane for tiling also include everything else you need to get the job done. On top of that, we include easy-to-follow instructions that allow you to effectively waterproof an area for your tub or shower.
  • Cost efficient: You don’t have to hire a professional contractor or plumber for effective waterproofing. Waterproof Warrior empowers weekend renovators and DIYers all over the country to be able to execute this important work flawlessly. Our waterproof paneling for shower walls is competitively priced, as well.

Waterproof sheet membranes are certainly not your only option — many folks opt for liquid membranes. However, sheet membranes have proven to be most effective in providing you with a 100 percent seal for your shower.

Shop our line of waterproof paneling for shower walls and protect your wet room with the power of Waterproof Warrior.