Waterproof Liner Membrane For Shower Tile

With a waterproof liner for shower tile, you’re able to effectively protect the area and sensitive materials underneath your tiling in the event that moisture is able to find its way through. If you are renovating or remodeling your bathroom, and it involves installing a new shower or bathtub, then consider one of the easiest, quickest and most effective ways to properly prepare the area in, and around, the shower.

Waterproof Warrior has created kits that contain a robust PVC waterproof membrane for shower tile installation. These kits include everything you will need to install your membrane and create an impenetrable barrier to hold out rogue moisture.

Sheet membranes vs. liquid membranes

When it comes to waterproofing an assembly for a new shower, bathtub or other areas that will be subjected to potential moisture, there are certainly a variety of solutions. Waterproof Warrior’s waterproof membrane shower for tiling proves to be one of the most effective methods, even above liquid membranes, for a number of reasons.

  • For starters, our waterproof liner for shower tile creates a 100 percent seal, which is the most important thing you need for this phase of your project. If liquid membrane is applied unevenly or incorrectly, there may be gaps in the seal.
  • Sheet membrane is also easier to work with because you can see it and cut it to your specific measurements. With liquid membrane, gaps can often be undetectable.
  • For convenience sake, our waterproof membrane for shower tile installation makes for a more efficient project. Once the membrane is set, you can start tiling your shower, tub or other area right away.

There are many different reasons why Waterproof Warrior’s shower membrane kits are the most effective and one of the most affordable ways to handle your waterproofing needs. Find a waterproof liner for shower tile that fits the scope of your project right now.