Under Tile Waterproofing Membrane

Whether you use an under tile waterproofing membrane, or a waterproof liquid membrane, it’s paramount that you take the necessary measures to appropriately prepare an area for a shower, bathtub, residential steam shower or other feature that will be frequently subjected to water.

Many professionals will agree that waterproof sheet membranes are the way to go. Not only can you trim these membranes to fit the exact dimensions of your project, but they are wildly effective in holding out water and helping you avoid small gaps or seams.

Welcome to Waterproof Warrior — home of the most reliable under tile waterproofing system

Our under tile waterproofing kits are the solution of choice for many do-it-yourself home renovators. That’s because, with our extra-large PVC sheet membranes, you are able to achieve professional results without having to make the sizable investment needed to hire a professional contractor.

Our clients love our under tile waterproofing membrane system because it is:

  • Convenient to purchase. Instead of hunting down every little component you need, our systems are sold as a kit. Once you receive it, all you have to do is install it.
  • Easy-to-follow directions. Waterproofing a shower is not necessarily simple, easy work, but with our directions, you will be able to cut through the confusing plumbing jargon and benefit from a step-by-step guide on how to implement your kit.
  • Competitive pricing and a helpful support staff. We want you to find success with your under tile waterproofing system. That’s why our team is available to field your questions or concerns if you have any. Plus, our kits sell for competitive prices. When you shop with us, you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, which means you are able to cut through significant overhead costs.

Quickly and effectively bring robust waterproofing power to your shower through the under tile waterproofing membrane kits from Waterproof Warrior. Pick up one of our kits.