Shower Waterproofing Membrane Kit

Waterproofing a shower and other areas surrounding both showers and bathtubs can be done in a variety of ways, including a complete shower waterproofing kit.

From liquid waterproof membranes to sheet membranes, it’s important to carefully research the best methods so that you can provide the protection that your shower needs.

Experience the shower membrane systems from Waterproof Warrior

Here at Waterproof Warrior, we provide a helpful resource for those that are taking on this type of project. We proudly design, engineer and manufacturer a PVC sheet membrane that can easily be installed into your shower.

In fact, these membranes are sold as a kit, which comes with everything else you need to execute a complete, comprehensive job. We’re also the proud manufactures of the widest membranes that are currently produced in the United States.

Instead of using narrow membranes and having to include vulnerable seams, our extra large shower waterproof membrane for walls and floors will prove to be even more effective.

The protection that your shower and bathtub needs

With a shower waterproofing kit by Waterproof Warrior, you can provide protection from the moisture that is able to creep in through tile floors and walls. Even expertly installed tile is susceptible to this sort of penetration.

Not only does our shower membrane systems provide a quality seal, but our liners are formulated with a biocide so that you don’t have to worry about excessive mold, mildew and fungus growth. Our membranes last the test of time and will allow your new tile shower, bathtub surround or residential steam shower to be both beautiful and functional.

We invite you shop for a shower waterproofing kit for your next project. We can promise quality components and clear instruction that will guide you, step-by-step through the installation process.