Shower Waterproof Membrane System

From do-it-yourselfers, to professional contractors, everyone can benefit from using Waterproof Warrior’s shower waterproof membrane system. It’s one of the most convenient and effective ways to prepare your bathroom for a shower installation.

Achieve a watertight shower assembly with our shower waterproof membrane kit

Waterproofing a shower is the first step in your new shower installation project. You need to make sure you use shower waterproof membrane products that will stop moisture from reaching your sensitive building materials under, and around, your shower.

With Waterproof Warrior, you have everything you need in one place. We have developed all-in-one waterproofing kits that contain high quality products that work seamlessly with each other. Instead of searching the local home improvement store to put together your own system piece by piece, you can gain the convenience that comes with buying it all at once with Waterproof Warrior.

Easily install your shower waterproof membrane system

In addition to our comprehensive collection of parts, we include instructions that are written with the amateur weekend home renovator in mind. Waterproofing an area for a shower is not overly complicated work — so, appropriately, the instructions for completing the work should not be overcomplicated, either.

Certain kits and systems are made for professional contractors, and they can be confusing to implement. Our shower waterproof membrane kit will make sure this work is completed quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Experience the protection of Waterproof Warrior

Your shower, bathtub or tiling project hinges on the quality or your waterproofing work. If you fail to execute an adequate job, moisture can cause damage to the area around your project and shorten its life. If you’re going to invest in a beautiful new shower or tile work, why not protect it the right way?

Waterproof Warrior allows you to seal off moisture and avoid mold and mildew growth with our shower waterproof membrane system. Shop our line of kits right now.