Shower Floor Pan Waterproofing Products

Are you unsure of what shower floor waterproofing products to use? We invite you to explore the waterproofing kits made available by Waterproof Warrior.

Our team has designed, engineered and manufactured an extra-large PVC sheet shower pan waterproofing membrane that is relatively easy to install and will provide the protection that your shower pan needs from any water that make sneak through tiling or paneling.

All the shower pan waterproofing products you need in one kit

One of the tough parts about waterproofing a shower before you install a new shower or tub is that this is a fairly tedious job where you have to make sure that your membrane seals the area completely. Any seams or gaps will welcome in moisture and cause potential damage to the underlying areas.

Instead of wandering around the local home improvement store trying to find all the separate shower floor waterproofing products, you can order one of our kits. We provide you with an entire system that comes with clear, coherent installation instructions.

With this kit, you can knock out the waterproofing phase of your project in a matter of hours! Best of all, our shower pan waterproofing membrane is highly effective in sealing off moisture and avoiding mold, mildew and fungus growth.

Shop with Waterproof Warrior and equip yourself with the necessary supplies

Waterproof sheet membranes are preferred by many over liquid membranes because you can see and feel them, which allows you to notice gaps or other problems when you install them. Also, sheet membranes can be measured and cut to meet the exact dimensions and needs of your project.

Get affordably priced shower floor waterproofing products through Waterproof Warrior. With one of our kits, you can complete your bathroom renovation or remodeling project quickly, conveniently and, best of all, effectively. Connect with our team if you have any questions or concerns.