PVC Waterproofing Sheet Membrane For Showers

Welcome to the premier source for PVC waterproofing for showers and bathtubs. Every tile project in a bathroom, kitchen or other wet room needs to start with thorough waterproofing of areas that will be subjected to water and moisture.

Instead of calling in a contractor or plumber to do it for you, shop with Waterproof Warrior and use our innovative PVC sheet membrane for showers. We make it easy for the typical do-it-yourself home renovator by selling all-in-one kits that have everything you need to complete the job and get professional results in the process.

The primary component of our kits is our PVC waterproofing liner for showers. Waterproof Warrior produces the widest membranes that you will find in the United States, allowing users to eliminate the seams that they would get if they used multiple, narrower liners for their projects.

Our membranes are also resistant to mold, mildew and fungus, making them ultra-effective in moist environments.

An easy form of PVC waterproofing for showers

By purchasing a kit from Waterproof Warrior, you won’t have to scour local home improvement stores to find each product that you need. Our kits contain products that:

  • Are of the highest quality. They will hold up over time and provide your shower with the protection that it needs.
  • Work like a team. Instead of piecing together products from different manufacturers and hoping that they all work effectively together, these are products that are designed to work in harmony with each other.
  • Will be enough to complete the job. Few things are worse than nearly completing a project before you find out that you’re missing an important part. That won’t happen with Waterproof Warrior, where we provide you with everything you need to install your PVC sheet membrane for showers.

Make quick, easy work out of your waterproofing project by using Waterproof Warrior’s kits for effective PVC waterproofing for showers.