PVC Waterproofing Sheet Membrane For Kitchens

Start your tile project with highly effective PVC waterproofing for kitchens and bathrooms. Waterproof Warrior has created all-in-one kits that provide you with all the supplies needed to waterproof areas before you begin tiling.

Similar to a bathroom, your kitchen sees regular exposure to water. While tile certainly does appear to be highly resistant to water, it doesn’t mean moisture can’t routinely penetrate your tile work. A PVC sheet membrane for kitchens is the perfect resource to protect your sensitive building materials from this moisture.

The kits provided by Waterproof Warrior contain, not just our PVC waterproofing liner for kitchens, but all the other products you need to complete the job thoroughly and professionally. With the help of Waterproof Warrior, you can make quick, effective work out of this important phase of the process.

PVC waterproofing for kitchens will protect your tiling projects

When moisture is able to penetrate your tile and reach the sensitive building materials underneath, it can cause structural damage to the area in addition to serving as a breeding ground for mold, mildew and fungus. Our PVC sheet membrane for kitchens helps you avoid that, allowing your tile work to last the test of time and look great in the process.

The PVC sheet membrane for kitchens produced by Waterproof Warrior are proudly engineered, designed and manufactured at our Pennsylvania-based production facility. We manufacture the widest membranes that are produced in the United States. These extra wide membranes allow our clients to create a more reliable seal. When renovators use two narrow membranes, they are left with a seam, which is a potential entry point for moisture.

Provide superior moisture protection for your kitchen projects through effective PVC waterproofing for kitchens. Shop Waterproof Warrior’s collection of waterproofing kits right now.