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Think of Strong Strip as The Shield’s super sturdy sidekick. Strong Strip is made out of the same tough material as The Shield, but in 5″ wide strips. Strong Strip is best used when sealing sheets of The Shield together, or creating a 100% waterpoof barrier between floor and wall. Best of all, Strong Strip is anti-microbial – making it the ultimate weapon against Monster Mold.

Strong Strip can be easily cut to the length you need. Fun Fact: It holds its shape so well, that it can also be cut and molded into corners for shower installation. Tile may be installed directly over Strong Strip using thin set mortar. For best installation results, check out one of our Super Clear Instruction Sheets.

Are you a Weekend (Waterproof) Warrior? We suggest using Strong Strip + The Shield to Waterproof Saturday, then tile on Sunday.


  • 5IN (W) x 20FT (L) ROLL
  • 5IN (W) x 50FT (L) ROLL
  • 5IN (W) x 100FT (L) ROLL
  • 5IN (W) x 200FT (L) ROLL 
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Technical Specifications:

  • 5” wide, bonded waterproof membrane and vapor retarder
  • 3-PLY laminate with a pliable sheet core and polyester non-wovens on either side
  • Uses anchoring fleece for a sturdy bond between substrate, underlayment, and tile.

(English, plz) Translation of Technical Specifications:

  • Stops water and water vapor from penetrating seams between sheets of The Shield
  • A waterproof sandwich made of flexible film (peanut butter) and tough fleece (the bread)
  • Creates a super strong surface for your tile to adhere to

** *Expected Ship Date 2/25/2020

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20FT, 50FT, 100FT, 200FT


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