Kitchen Kit


There’s a reason it’s called a backSPLASH: Kitchen areas are highly susceptible to water and water vapor, as water can be easily absorbed through the highly porous mortar of your tiled backsplash. One accidental spritz from the sink and you could have mold secretly flourishing behind your kitchen walls. Stop the spores from interrupting dinner time by applying our 100% waterproof and antimicrobial The Shield and Strong Strip under thin set mortar before you tile.
Perfectly sized if if you’re refreshing a kitchen backsplash or tiling around a mirror. All Waterproof Warrior products are 100% waterproof and antimicrobial.


  • The Shield 6FT (W) x 8FT (L)
  • Strong Strip 5IN (W) x 10FT (L)
  • *Expected Ship Date 2/25/2020
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