Preparing Shower Floor For Tile

Waterproof Warrior is proud to provide convenient, easy-to-install waterproofing kits that will help you in your efforts of preparing a shower floor for tile.

Showers are subjected to heavy amounts of water each and every day. In fact, the typical shower sees far more exposure to water than your home’s roof! With the constant pounding of water, you need to take measures when preparing shower walls for tile that will make sure moisture is sealed out, even when it is able to seep through the tile and grout.

Waterproof Warrior has the solution you need. We have designed, engineered and manufactured a PVC sheet membrane that is:

  • Easy to install thanks to our all-in-one waterproofing kits. Each of our kits come with our sheet membrane in addition to all the other products needed to complete your waterproofing project. For instance, when preparing a shower base for tiling, you won’t have to search the home improvement store high and low to find each and every component you need.
  • Effective in providing a 100 percent barrier that stands between moisture and the sensitive building materials that surround your shower or other areas of your bathroom. Our membranes stop moisture dead in its tracks to avoid warping in your materials, leaks, general water damage and more.
  • Effective in inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew. These elements are unfortunately commonplace in many bathrooms that lack the appropriate moisture management measures. Preparing a shower floor for tile with Waterproof Warrior means not having to worry about infestations of mold and mildew.

Whether you’re preparing shower walls for tile, or installing a beautiful, luxurious residential steam shower, Waterproof Warrior has the waterproofing solutions you need.

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