Preparing Bathroom Floor For Tile

Waterproof Warrior makes preparing a bathroom floor for tile easy. Before you start laying down the beautiful tiling that you picked out, you need to make sure that the sensitive building materials below your floors, and inside your walls, are protected from moisture.

You can do exactly that with Waterproof Warrior and our PVC sheet membrane and the complementing parts needed to install a full system. This dual-fleeced membrane is easy to install, cost-efficient and will do exactly the job you need.

Preparing bathroom walls for tile? Protect them with Waterproof Warrior

Whether you’re getting ready to tile a bathroom wall, floor, shower, bathtub surround or something else, you need to create vapor-resistant, water-tight conditions. Waterproof Warrior does half of the work for you, including:

  • Sourcing all of the needed products to complete the job. It might take you hours to shop at the local home improvement store and find everything you need. Or, worse, you could find out midway through your project that you’re missing a part. With our all-in-one kits, everything is in front of you.
  • Giving you a step-by-step guide on how to go about preparing a bathroom base for tiling — or instructions for any other project. These aren’t kits made just for professional plumbers or contractors. We had the everyday DIY home renovator in mind when we created these clear, coherent instructions.
  • A lot is at stake when preparing a bathroom floor for tile. Leaving gaps or making other mistakes can compromise the seal that holds out moisture from reaching your sensitive building materials. With Waterproof Warrior, all of the products we provide you — especially our own sheet membranes — are tested and proven. They’ll get the job done.

Whether you’re preparing bathroom walls for tile, or installing a new doorless shower, Waterproof Warrior has a kit for you.

Preparing a bathroom floor for tile can be easy and you can be effective with Waterproof Warrior shop with us right now.