Preparing A Bathtub For Tiling

If you’re preparing a bathtub for tiling, it’s important that you have a reliable form of protection in place to hold out moisture.

While both ceramic and stone tile are resilient against a steady barrage of water, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they completely seal out water. In fact, moisture is often able to penetrate tile and grout, which means it can threaten the sensitive materials underneath.

Waterproof Warrior is proud to provide all-in-one waterproofing kits that stand as the perfect resource for when you’re preparing a bathtub wall for tile. Our innovative PVC sheet membrane is easy to install and provides superior protection against moisture, mold, mildew and fungus. With Waterproof Warrior, you are able to tile your bathtub surround knowing that your project will last the test of time — and look great in the process.

Why rely on Waterproof Warrior when preparing a bathtub floor for tile?

It only takes a few extra steps to make sure that robust protection is in place for your tile work. Failing to adequately waterproof these areas can mean your tile projects becoming damaged and dingy when moisture invades.

When preparing a bathtub for tiling, Waterproof Warrior’s kits will help make quick, effective work out of this phase of your project. Our kits:

  • Provide you with a highly effective sheet membrane that is both cost-efficient and easy to install.
  • Also include all the other products and components you need for easy installation — you don’t have to hunt around the home improvement store trying to find individual products needed to piece together a full shower assembly.
  • Come with easy-to-follow instructions. Preparing a bathtub wall for tile doesn’t have to be overly complicated work as long as you have instructions that are easy to comprehend. Waterproof Warrior caters to the typical amateur weekend home renovator, including straightforward instructions and tutorials.

Bathroom renovations — like a new bathtub of tiled bathtub surround — can add style and value to your home. When preparing a bathtub for tiling, make sure the job is done right with Waterproof Warrior!