Kitchen Waterproof Backsplash Tiling Kit

Selecting the right kitchen waterproof backsplash tiling kit will ensure that your new tiling project lasts the test of time and looks great along the way.

When most do-it-yourself home renovators think about tile and waterproofing projects, their minds often go to the bathroom, where tile is used for traditional showers, residential steam showers, bathtub surrounds and more. While comprehensive waterproofing is important for this area of the house, your kitchen is exposed to plenty of water as well.

At Waterproof Warrior, we have a kitchen waterproof backsplash tiling system that will ensure you create a watertight seal under your tiling project.

About our kitchen waterproof backsplash tiling products

Waterproof Warrior wants to make the tiling projects of all of our clients an easy, fun, and successful. That’s why we sell our PVC membranes in an all-in-one kit, which contains all the products and components you need to properly waterproof before you tile.

You can trust that the membrane that comes in your kitchen waterproof backsplash tiling kit will be:

  • Expertly designed and engineered. The team at our Pennsylvania headquarters engineered our membranes to be highly effective. We manufacture the widest waterproofing membranes in the United States, which means you won’t have to leave seams on walls and other areas where you’re installing the lining. Our liners are also treated to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and fungus.
  • Thoroughly tested. You can trust that the kitchen waterproof backsplash tiling system made available through Waterproof Warrior has been thoroughly tested by our own staff and third party certified to ensure ultimate effectiveness.
  • Our membranes have been implemented in homes around the country and are proven to hold up over time.

Find a kitchen waterproof backsplash tiling kit for your next project. Shop with the friendly team at Waterproof Warrior and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.