Installing Waterproof Membrane In Shower

Installing waterproof membrane in a shower, bathtub or other bathroom renovation project is crucial. Before you start tiling your project, you need to make sure that you have robust moisture management measures in place.

Tile, although it is resilient against moisture, does not create an impenetrable seal against water and vapor. In fact, significant moisture can get behind tile, where it can threaten the sensitive building materials underneath.

Waterproof Warrior makes installing waterproof membrane in a bathroom quick and simple thanks to our all-in-one waterproofing kits. These kits include our dual-fleece, PVC sheet membrane, which provides you with a strong seal against moisture and avoids the growth of mold and mildew.

We are known for our extra-large membranes, which are wider than any other membrane produced in the United States. These wide membranes allow you to reduce, or eliminate, the need for vulnerable seams in your project. The kits also include all the other products and components needed so you can get started installing waterproof membrane in a bathtub, shower, under the floor or elsewhere.

Inadequate moisture management can lead to big problems

Installing waterproof membrane in a shower is one of a few ways to waterproof an area before moving forward with your project. Waterproofing is vital. If you fail to adequately prepare an area for a shower, tub or other feature that will be subjected to water, you might notice signs of damage over time. This can include:

  • Cracks in your tile
  • Water stains and water marks
  • Soft, bubbling or damaged drywall
  • Leaks
  • And more

Your bathroom sees running water on a daily basis — you need to provide protection from this steady barrage of moisture. Installing waterproof membrane in a bathroom is a cost-efficient and highly effective way of doing so.

Browse the waterproofing kits we have available and find one that fits the needs of your project. We’re ready to help you get started on installing waterproof membrane in a shower or bathtub.