Installing Shower Liner Membrane

If you’re a homeowner that is tackling a bathroom renovation project, and you’re in the process of putting together a new tile shower, then it’s important to start everything off by installing a shower liner membrane to protect your shower from moisture.

Adding a tile shower, bathtub surround, residential steam shower and other feature is a surefire way to enhance the look and functionality of your bathroom and maybe even enhance the value of your home as a whole. However, when you install tile in areas that are going to be exposed to a lot of water, it’s important that you properly waterproof the area.

Nowhere in your home is exposed to more water — not even your home’s roof — than the shower. Installing a shower liner kit is a great way to provide needed protection for the areas underneath your tile work.

Waterproof Warrior makes installing a shower system simple and quick

Here at Waterproof Warrior, our Pennsylvania-based company has designed, engineered and manufactured PVC sheet membranes that can be installed in your shower to provide a trusted seal to keep water out.

By installing a shower liner membrane kit from Waterproof Warrior, you will get all the necessary materials in front of you instead of having to hit the local hardware store to find each and every supply that you need to get the job done sufficiently.

Also, our team is confident that you won’t find an easier way of installing a shower liner kit thanks to our step-by-step instructions that eliminate confusing industry jargon. Our kits are very straightforward and perfect for the do-it-yourself home renovator.

Talk to us about your questions or concerns

If you’re interested in installing a shower liner membrane from Waterproof Warrior but are not sure what would work best for your project, please connect with our team. We want to help make your next project a successful one.