How To Install A Shower Pan Liner

If you are tackling your own bathroom renovation project, and wondering how to install a shower pan liner, then Waterproof Warrior is ready to provide you with an invaluable resource.

We provide an extensive line of all-in-one waterproofing kits, which are designed to help you create a watertight shower assembly for your home shower. Protecting your home is the very first step in installing your new shower. It provides a protective barrier that stands between the moisture that penetrates your shower’s tiling and the sensitive building materials underneath.

Not only do our kits come with all the products that you need to complete the job, but our easy-to-follow instructions spell out, in very basic terms, how to install a shower pan membrane. With Waterproof Warrior, this renovation project is quick, easy and highly effective.

Wondering how to install a shower pan underlayment? It’s easy with Waterproof Warrior!

Each of our kits feature our own line of PVC sheet membranes. Our membranes were designed, engineered and manufactured at our production facility in Pennsylvania and is proven to properly seal off moisture while stopping the growth of excessive mold, mildew and fungus.

Our shower liner is a highly effective, and cost-efficient, method of protecting your shower from moisture. And, learning how to install a shower pan liner is quick and simple. We eliminated any confusing jargon in our instructions, so that the typical weekend renovator is able to follow along and complete the job and get professional results at the end.

Find a kit for your project and learn more about how to install a shower pan membrane

Waterproof Warrior makes it easy to shop for, and purchase, waterproofing kits online. Browse our selection and let one of our team members know if you have questions or concerns.

If you’ve ever wondered how to install a shower pan liner, or whether or not you could do it on your own, Waterproof Warrior has your answer! You can – let’s get started!