DIY Bathtub Waterproofing Membrane

Bring the industry’s best DIY bathtub waterproofing membrane to your next project by shopping with Waterproof Warrior. We have assembled a collection of quality products to form an all-in-one kit that provides you with everything you need to create a watertight, vapor-resistant area for a new bathtub or tile bathtub surround.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States, Waterproof Warrior’s own PVC sheet membrane is highly effective in sealing out moisture from reaching sensitive building materials and causing damage to your projects.

Each DIY bathtub waterproofing kit comes with this highly effective membrane and all the other products needed to complete the job.

Waterproof Warrior empowers DIY home renovators!

Our kits stand as one of the leading DIY bathtub waterproofing systems because they were created with the amateur, weekend home renovator in mind. Installing a bathtub, tile project or other feature in your bathroom can be done without a professional contractor, you just have to make sure all the necessary moisture management measures are in place.

Waterproof Warrior offers a DIY bathtub waterproofing membrane that is:

  • Cost efficient: Sheet membranes are some of the most cost-efficient waterproofing products on the market. You don’t have to invest in liquid waterproofer, which can be difficult to apply.
  • Highly effective: Just because our liners are affordable, doesn’t mean they’re not effective. Featuring double-fleece membranes that come in a variety of lengths, widths and thicknesses, our liners will protect your sensitive building materials from moisture, mold, mildew and more.
  • Easy to install: A DIY bathtub waterproofing kit from Waterproof Warrior is a DIYer’s best friend. It provides you with all the components you need, in addition to detailed instructions, to complete the job.

Experience the power of our durable DIY bathtub waterproofing membrane and corresponding products. Shop with Waterproof Warrior and pick up a waterproofing kit that will protect your upcoming bathroom project.