DIY Bathroom Floor Tile Kit

Prepare for your bathroom renovation project the right way with a DIY bathroom floor tile kit from Waterproof Warrior.

Creating a watertight seal before installing your tile work is the first step to any successful project. Bathroom floors, walls, showers and tubs are subjected to a barrage of water each and every day, and tile isn’t able to seal it off. With a DIY bathroom retiling kit, you can have the peace of mind knowing moisture that penetrates your tile will be stopped by our extra-large PVC waterproofing membrane.

This ensures that your tiling projects will last the test of time, free from the damaging effects of unmanaged moisture.

Bring an affordable, easy-to-install DIY bathroom retiling system to your project

Waterproofing isn’t necessarily difficult work, but there are so many different solutions that you can turn to — it can be tough to decide which products will get the job done best. With Waterproof Warrior and our waterproofing kits, you won’t have to wander around the home improvement store trying to collect all the supplies that you need.

Each DIY bathroom floor tile kit comes with everything you need to create a watertight shower assembly or effectively waterproof other areas of your bathroom. These are high quality products that are tested and proven.

Also, each DIY bathroom retiling kit comes with instructions that are written for the DIY home renovator, rather than professional plumbers or builders. This means easy-to-follow instructions that are free of complicated plumber jargon but still help you to complete a professional quality job.

Find a Waterproof Warrior kit for your project

Waterproofing is one of the most important aspects of any wet room project. Make sure you approach it with the quality materials that you need. Shop with Waterproof Warrior and find a DIY bathroom floor tile kit that matches your needs and preferences.