Bathtub Waterproofing Membrane Systems

A bathtub waterproofing membrane can be one of the most cost-efficient ways to prepare your bathroom for a new tub or tile bathtub surround. With an all-in-one waterproofing kit by Waterproof Warrior, you can implement one of these for your next project.

Our kits contain bathtub waterproofing products that are of the highest quality and work seamlessly together. You don’t have to buy your waterproofing system part by part and try to find a way to put it together — it’s all right there in front of you with one of our bathtub waterproofing systems.

If you are installing a new bathtub, or taking on a similar bathroom renovation project, one of Waterproof Warrior’s kits will make the process:

  • Easy and convenient: We’ve done most of the work for you — our kits come with everything you need, including comprehensive instructions that are written in a straightforward language that even amateur DIY home renovators can understand. All that’s left is to execute the work.
  • Affordable: Many do-it-yourself home renovators are on a tight budget. Our bathtub waterproofing membrane kits come at a competitive price. After all, when you shop with us, you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, which means you get to avoid price mark-ups. Plus, by doing it on your own, you are saving significant money that would have been spent hiring someone to do it. That’s the beauty of DIY projects!
  • Effective: The bathtub waterproofing products you get in our kits will help you effectively waterproof your projects. Our membrane will create an impenetrable barrier that protects your sensitive building materials from moisture. Not only that, but with Waterproof Warrior’s liner, you will be able to avoid mold and mildew.

Moisture management is a crucial part of bathroom renovation projects. Make sure you approach it the right way with our bathtub waterproofing membrane kits. Shop with us right now.