Bathtub Waterproof Membrane System

Make your waterproofing projects simple and quick with a comprehensive, easy-to-use bathtub waterproof membrane system.

Adding a new bathtub or gorgeous tiled bathtub surround to your bathroom can be an excellent touch. Not only does it provide you with a luxurious feature, but it can enhance the value of your house at the same time — but, only when a project like this is executed correctly.

Before installing a bathtub or tile work around your tub, you need to make sure you have the proper protection in place to combat moisture. Waterproof Warrior offers an all-in-one bathtub waterproof membrane kit that provides you with exactly that.

Put these bathtub waterproof membrane products to work in your bathroom

With our bathtub waterproof membrane system, you get all the components you need for complete waterproofing. These kits feature our PVC sheet membrane, which has proven to be one of the most effective sheet membranes on the market.

This dual fleece membrane comes in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and widths. In fact, we provide extra wide membranes for those large projects so that you can reduce, or eliminate, seams in your lining. Our membranes provide a reliable seal against moisture while inhibiting the growth of mold, mildew and fungus.

Our bathtub waterproof membrane kit is straightforward and easy to implement

Even if this is your first time tackling a bathroom project of this nature, Waterproof Warrior has you covered with easy-to-comprehend instructions. Not only do we provide all the products you need, but we show you how to use them so you can create a watertight, vapor-resistant spot for your bathtub or tile work.

We’re confident that you will find a Waterproof Warrior kit to be the ideal bathtub waterproof membrane system for your needs. You can easily browse and shop our selection right now online. Thank you for choosing Waterproof Warrior.