Bathroom Waterproof Membrane System

Implement strong moisture management in your bathroom with an industry-leading bathroom waterproof membrane system. Here at Waterproof Warrior, we have created all-in-one waterproofing kits that equip our customers with everything they need to complete this crucial phase of a bathroom renovation project.

With the steady barrage of water that bathrooms see on a daily basis, it’s important that you have a strong last line of defense in place for when that moisture seeps through your shower, tubs, walls or floors. With our bathroom waterproof membrane kit, you are able to put to good use a dual-fleece, PVC sheet membrane that will seal out moisture and help you avoid mold and mildew growth.

Why moisture management is so crucial

It’s no mystery that wet rooms like bathrooms and kitchens need protection from moisture. However, too often, folks assume that materials like tile and vinyl are enough to hold out moisture from reaching sensitive building materials underneath.

The truth is, even tile allows water and vapor to seep in, which can cause slow-developing damage like cracked tiles, excessive mildew growth, damaged dry wall, leaks and more. The bathroom waterproof membrane products in our kits help you create a comprehensive system that will protect against this common hazard.

A bathroom waterproof membrane system made for do-it-yourself renovators

While our sheet membrane and our bathroom waterproof membrane kits boast professional-grade quality, we cater these products to the typical, do-it-yourself home renovator that wants to complete their projects, quickly, conveniently and on a budget. Waterproof Warrior helps you achieve all those things with our all-in-one, affordably-priced kits, which contain easy-to-understand directions.

Protection from moisture should be at the forefront of your mind when tackling a bathroom renovation project. Utilize Waterproof Warrior’s bathroom waterproof membrane system to protect your projects.