Bathroom Wall Waterproofing Membrane

Are you wondering if a bathroom wall waterproofing membrane would be a viable means of waterproofing your renovation project? Moisture management is crucial in bathrooms and other rooms that are exposed to consistent water or moisture.

There are a wide variety of waterproofing methods out there; it might be confusing to find the one that would work best for your bathroom renovation project. Here at Waterproof Warrior, we have assembled handy, all-in-one waterproofing kits, which feature our bathroom membrane for tiling.

This robust, PVC sheet membrane is highly effective in sealing out moisture while inhibiting the growth of mold, mildew or fungus. Waterproof Warrior is also the proud manufacturer of the widest sheet membranes that are produced in the United States.

These extra-large membranes are great for larger projects, where you want to limit, or eliminate, the seams that would be present if you used two narrower membranes. Keep in mind, every seam is a potential entry point for moisture. That’s what makes our extra wide membranes so effective.

What you get with your bathroom wall waterproofing kit

We provide a variety of kits, and we’re confident you will find one that suits the needs of your project. When you order one of our waterproofing kits, you will receive:

  • Our highly effective bathroom wall waterproofing membrane. This dual-fleece membrane has been carefully designed and engineered to provide you with the waterproofing power that you need for your project.
  • All the other products and components you need to complete your job. You don’t have to seek out, and buy, every product on its own to create a full system — we include it all for convenience sake.
  • Thorough instructions on how to implement our waterproofing system. We won’t confuse you with jargon either — we make it easy for amateur home renovators to determine how to best install our bathroom membrane for tiling.

Don’t let moisture ruin your hard work or the beauty of your bathroom’s tile project. Protect it with the industry-leading bathroom wall waterproofing membrane by Waterproof Warrior.