Bathroom Tile Floor Underlayment

Do you have a bathroom tile underlayment picked out for your upcoming project? The fun part of a bathroom project is most certainly choosing the color and style of your tiling, or even deciding what type of shower, bathtub or sink you’d like to install. But, before you can move forward, you need to provide the protection your sensitive building materials need from moisture.

Waterproof Warrior has created a tile floor underlayment that is highly effective at sealing out moisture and also inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew. This PVC sheet membrane is easy to install and comes at a competitive price point. It’s a great product to use for both novice do-it-yourself home renovators and professionals alike.

What our tile underlayment membrane can do for your tiling projects

No matter how resilient your tile is, or how well you install it, if it doesn’t feature the necessary watertight protection underneath, it could be at risk. Waterproof Warrior not only offers our waterproofing sheet membrane, but you can buy an all-in-one underlayment kit that has everything you need to install it.

By installing these waterproofing measures, you are able to ensure that your tiling project:

  • Lasts a long time. Our bathroom tile underlayment is a way to protect your investment. By keeping moisture from reaching the sensitive building materials under your tile work, you are making sure your project remains in great condition for a long time.
  • Promotes a healthy, sanitary environment inside your bathroom. Mold, mildew and fungus that comes with unwanted moisture can create a serious health situation in your home. Waterproof Warrior features a membrane that is formulated with biocides, in order to promote a safe, healthy environment in your bathroom.
  • Looks great. The protection provided by our tile floor underlayment makes your tile work look beautiful and pristine, safe from the ugly signs of unwanted water damage.

Our kits are easy to order and install — pick one up before your tiling project and make sure you have the right bathroom tile underlayment in place!