Bathroom Renovation Waterproofing Kit

With a bathroom renovation waterproofing kit from Waterproof Warrior, you can ensure that your bathroom project will last long and look great the entire time.

Nothing threatens the structural integrity, or the aesthetic beauty, of a tile shower, bathtub or other feature more than moisture. Water and vapor can slowly cause damage to the hidden sensitive building materials of your bathroom and slowly damage your project. Moisture management is crucial and Waterproof Warrior has bathroom renovation waterproofing products to help you with it.

Invest in a bathroom renovation guide and waterproofing kit

At Waterproof Warrior, we offer all-in-one waterproofing kits that will make quick, easy work out of the waterproofing process. There are a wide range of available waterproofing products on the market — from an abundance of PVC sheet membranes to liquid membranes. It can be touch to decipher which will be most effective for your purposes.

We invite you to experience the difference that comes with our bathroom renovation waterproofing kit. For a competitive price point, you can quickly and easily order all the products you need — including our very own PVC sheet membrane — to get the job done right.

Our membrane, and the other bathroom renovation waterproofing products in our kit, are designed to seal out water and moisture that has penetrated your tile or other areas of your shower, tub or sink. Our waterproof liner is also effective in combating the growth of mold and mildew.

By implementing one of our kits, you are effectively:

  • Extending the life of your tile project
  • Fortifying the integrity of your structure
  • Creating an environment that is free of dangerous toxins (i.e. mold)
  • Preserving the beauty of your tile work

By addressing unwanted moisture throughout your bathroom, you are implementing the protection that your renovation project needs.

Get started now by finding a bathroom renovation waterproofing kit that is right for your project. Our team is standing by if you need assistance.