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When Top 10 Best Warrior of all time King Leonidas said “TONIGHT, WE DINE IN HELL!”, he probably wasn’t referring to a kitchen in Pennsylvania. That said, I sure was dining in hell the day my bathtub crashed onto my breakfast table.

To make a boring story short, the previous homeowner hadn’t used a waterproofing membrane before tiling, and water had seeped through the grout between my bathroom tile. Over the course of a year, black (monster) mold flourished beneath the floorboards as the wooden supportive structure below grew less and less stable until… BAM! Bathtub in my brunch.

After learning that the whole situation was totally avoidable with the right products, I made it my mission to develop DIY plumbing goods that were high quality and super easy to use. I spent 2 years engineering our first product – The Shield – and partnered with a top US manufacturing firm to build and ship it directly to my fellow Warriors. This way I could ensure it was well-priced (crazy retail mark-up) and easily accessible (no need to wander through the barren wasteland of big box stores).

My team and I are passionate about your right to DIY – and understand the importance of being confident in your project. We’re honored to offer you the products to help you git r done. If you have questions, comments, or ideas, you can reach us any time at hello@waterproofwarrior.com. Happy waterproofing!!



Co-founder,  Waterproof Warrior

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